I have spent countless hours tasting and testing my recipes to create cakes that are moist, delicious and distinctive. I am passionate about creating new flavour combinations that are diverse and exciting, offering a selection of distinctive flavours.

Available throughout the year

  • Lime. Coconut.
  • Maple. Pecan. Pecan Praline.
  • White Chocolate. Raspberry. Honeycomb.
  • Chocolate. Guinness. Salted Caramel.
  • Lemon Zest.
  • Vanilla. Elderflower. Gooseberry.


Seasonal Summer Flavours - (available April to August)

  • Strawberry, Champagne, Mint
  • Stem Ginger. Rhubarb. Rose Geranium.


Seasonal Autumn Flavours - (available September to November)

  • Blackberry. Elderberry. Vanilla Mascarpone. (Buttercream finish only)
  • Honey. Almond. Lavender. Honeycomb.


Seasonal Winter/Spring Flavours include; (available December to March)

  • Cardamon. Orange. Almond.
  • Candied Chestnut. Almond Praline. Salted Caramel.


From my experience with couples at my cake tastings, I’d recommend tasting six flavours. Be a bit daring in your choices! Yes, it is important to think of your guests, but it is your cake and your special day, so make sure you choose what you like. It is sensible to play it safe on the reliable, crowd pleaser flavours such as lemon or chocolate, but be a bit daring too, most people like to try something different and will when given the choice!


Caroline Goulding Wedding Cake Design