All our cakes are made from scratch using ingredients we have carefully sourced. It is important to note that whilst we take great care in sourcing high quality products, due to the nature of baking, we use, flour, sugar, eggs, nuts and a variety of ingredients that may directly or indirectly have come into contact with allergen ingredients in their manufacturing or packing.

It is imperative to keep this in mind and to convey to your wedding guests in the event they have allergies to certain ingredients. We have given an outline of ingredients in many of our cakes to give you an idea of potential allergens listed in italics below:

Carrot, Walnut and Orange - wheat, eggs, Walnuts (nuts)

Pecan and Maplewheat, eggs, Pecans (nuts), milk

Lemonwheat, eggs, milk

Spiced Orange wheat, eggs, milk

Ginger and Rhubarb - wheat, eggs, milk

Vanilla, Elderflower, Gooseberry - wheat, eggs, milk

Lime & Coconut - wheat, eggs, milk

Chestnutwheat, eggs, milk, chestnuts (nuts), almonds (nuts)

Purple velvet - wheat, eggs, milk

Lavender, Honey & Almond wheat, eggs, milk, almond (nuts)

Raspberry, White Choc & Honeycomb - wheat, eggs, milk

Chocolate, Guinness, Salted Caramelwheat, eggs, milk

Chocolate Biscuit wheat, milk

Fruit - wheat, eggs, milk, almonds (nuts)

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