Start with a sweeter cake flavour such as the raspberry/white chocolate and honeycomb or pecan/maple and follow up with a zesty/citrus flavour such as the lemon or lime/coconut milk/passionfruit. Finish on the two chocolates.

Some notes on the flavours;

1) Raspberry, white chocolate and honeycomb

no problem to add some raspberry conserve here if you feel there is not enough raspberry coming true.
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cake is just straight lemon.

3) Pecan and Maple

really popular - again crunchy pieces are the pecan praline.

4) Lime, Coconut Milk and Passion Fruit

a tricky balance to get right. No problem to have more passion fruit curd but don't want it to overpower the
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5) Chocolate, Guinness, salted caramel

It is rich, but not as heavy like a fudge chocolate cake. Salted caramel helps cut through the heavy cake and
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6) Rhubarb & Ginger

There is a rhubarb compote also in this cake to increase the rhubarb as the icing cannot take anymore.
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7) Elderflower, Gooseberry and Vanilla

This is a vanilla cake with elderflowers syrup and gooseberry curd buttercream.
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8) Carrot, Walnut & Orange

This cake is a lovely combination of spices and earthy/savoury carrot with sweet yet sour orange
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9) Purple Velvet

With Blackberry, Elderberry and Cream Cheese - This flavour is currently out of season and lacks flavour.
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10) Lavender, Almond and Honeycomb

An autumn flavour. The lavender is in both the cake and icing. This tends to be a bit of a love hate flavour.
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11) Fruit cake

To be honest this is not a popular flavour. Most people offer portions of fruit cake or have it as a smaller tier.
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12) Chocolate Biscuit

We include 4 types of chocolate in our biscuit cake and feel it has the right amount of biscuit to chocolate.

13) Lemon, Fennel & Ginger

A nice alternation to lemon with the liqourice fennel and ginger.

14) Spiced Orange

One of my favourites and especially at Christmas with the spiced cardamon and cinnamon with zesty orange.

15) Chestnut, Praline & Caramel

Another nice seasonal flavour to have at Christmas, with the savoury chestnut cake being a lovely contrast to the sweet buttercream.

3 flavours if you are having a 4 tier cake or 2 flavours if you are having a 3 tier cake. This will provide an equal(ish) amount of each flavour. Each cake tier will have 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of fillings, so there is plenty of flavour running though the portion. It is always nice to have contrasting flavours and from experience the guys tend to like the chocolatey, sweet flavours and the ladies the fruity, zesty cakes.